Tips When Visiting London

London is a booming city with lots of great restaurants, attractions, and very cool architecture. There’s a few things you must do while visiting this city which is what we’re going to break down in this article. A few of the things we will mention are pretty obvious… but some of them we almost guarantee you wouldn’t have known about. We’re excited to share these tips on traveling to London and are sure they will make your trip more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been.

First of all, we highly recommend visiting the Kensington Park & Gardens. It is a HUGE park that has many beautiful statues and is buzzing with energy from all of the tourists and locals touring the vast area. You can walk for miles and miles through the park without seeing the same thing twice!

After you’ve taken a stroll through the park and have seen those sites, you can keep walking a little farther North and you will run into Buckingham Palace! This is a very architecturally intriguing building but unless you are royalty or someone very famous, the chances of you getting inside are pretty slim.

London is a beautiful city with great restaurants, friendly people, and a lot of soccer fanatics. We highly recommend visiting this city and soaking up the unique culture it provides.